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My Books

how to snap out of it

Ever had trouble with

  • Relationships

  • Commitment

  • Understanding your partner

  • Forgiving your parents

  • Communicating with your children

  • doing what's best for you

  • Living the life you have always dreamt of?

Psychologist Toby Green, a relationship specialist for over thirty years, understands clearly what we do wrong in our relationships and how we can get it right.

How to Snap Out Of It!
Filled with Toby's insights - in short snappy, easy-to-apply bites. With wise advice on everything from love, commitment, marriage and parenthood to difficult relationships, divorce and dealing with death, this book will help you through every possible relationship challenge.

The golden rule of relationships: PLAY NICELY!

just a few bites...

Being a Super Woman
Becoming a superwoman is serious business. Many women make the mistake of thinking that a super-job, super-money or super-status is the same thing as super-fun.

If the sacrifice you're making to be a superwoman is laugher, check whether it's worth it!

Being liked is easy. It takes being nice. Being respected is harder. It takes balls.

The truth about kids
Some kids are bad value for money.

Wives Unite!
I've often pondered what would happen if the wives of cheating husbands arrived at the motel, opened the door and yelled:

"Harry, get up! Put your pants on and wait in the car!

And as for you, young lady, I'm telling your mother!'

PRICE $19.95 inc GST


After years of hard work by feminists all around the world, women now have a much better idea of what they want and how to get it. Men, on the other hand, don't know if they're Arthur or Martha.

The Men's Room
They have been told in no uncertain terms that the old ways of relating to the opposite sex is not on, but they haven't been instructed on any new terms of engagement.

For men, the rise of the women's movement has been marked by the ostracism of the macho man, the rise and fall of the SNAG, the emergence of the loveable, laughable dope. Sadly, it has also been accompanied by a dramatic rise in domestic violence, divorce, workaholism and suicide.

Psychologist Toby Green has seen and treated increasing numbers of men in crisis. In THE MEN'S ROOM she chronicles the mess men are in, and more importantly, offers a sensible solution to the crisis. Toby has written a prescription that men can follow which will transform them into integrated individuals, and full and equal partners with women.

Toby's no-nonsense style works as well on paper
as it does on the couch. This book is filled with anecdotes from Toby's files and stories that all men (and women) will identify with.

Her candid observations and wise and witty advice makes THE MEN'S ROOM the definitive guide for confused men where.

PRICE $32.95 inc GST


If you really LOVED me...

Forget about Venus and Mars, Toby Green brings relationships back to earth in her book.

IF YOU really LOVED ME...
From cheating partners to teenagers from hell, psychologist Toby Green has counselled them all.

If you have ever wondered about motherhood
or step-parenting, pondered the true meaning
of commitment or put issues like intimacy,
jealousy or guilt in the too-hard basket,
this is the book for you.

IF YOU really LOVED ME... brings together the very best of Toby Green's off-the-couch observations on relationships. Informative and up-front, wise and witty, whether you think your relationships need attention or not, Toby's insightful, funny and positive words will inspire you to take action.

PRICE $23.95 inc GST



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