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Toby Green & Associates is the only national private counselling practice in Australia. We have practitioners in most of the major cities, and also offer email and phone counselling services.


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Welcome to Toby Green and Associates

Toby Green's therapy is known for its direct, no-nonsense, humour filled, common sense technique. Australia's Media Psychologist, Toby Green's column appears every week in News Limited's Body & Soul. For eight years, Toby appeared as a regular on Good Morning Australia and has made numerous guest appearances on a variety of television programs.

Toby is the author of If You Really Loved Me and The Men's Room and her new book how to SNAP OUT OF IT.

Toby and her team of psychologists and counsellors in Sydney, Melbourne Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth are fully qualified relationship therapists.

Through the power of the internet Toby has been able to expand her face to face counselling service. Relationship advice is now available direct to clients by email or telephone, a convenience for many, especially in remote areas and for those who have time or travel restrictions.

Who would benefit from seeing Toby Green and Associates?

Marriage and Relationship guidance
Commitment issues
How to re-start a relationship
Interfamily issues
Workplace issues

The golden rule of relationships:

how to snap out of it

Ever had trouble with



your partner,

Forgiving your parents,

Living the life you
have always dreamt of?

Then you will enjoy Toby Green's NEW book a collection of profound insights to life that Toby has drawn on from her own experiences.
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Truth & consequences, Sunday, July 20, 2008.

Stan had an affair. Alice had always said if she ever found out her husband was cheating there’d be nothing to talk about, he’d be out. But that isn’t what happened. First of all Stan wasn’t through with the affair and wasn’t sure he wanted his marriage. ‘Out’ meant he was free to move in with the other woman. So it was Stan who made the decision and left.
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